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Red Alimentaria is a strategic commercial consulting firm with 10 years of experience specializing in the Latin American agri-food trade. We provide a wide net of links between suppliers of technology and international materials encouraging a dynamic exchange of knowledge, hence speeding up buying and selling processes through different tools:

Publishing: providing relevant information for professionals offering the latest technological innovations as well as creating a space for debate.

Promotion of fairs and training: proposing courses, congresses and open classes, participating in the main international events of the agri-food industry.

Internet business community: source of information and training for professionals and the general public.

To make the links between the main players in the chain of values of the meat industry more dynamic.

Information and training in the integration of a chain of values, where all the links are taken into account.
Innovation in technology
Publishing of magazines specializing in meat
Networking with universities, institutions and companies

To form an international network between companies hence strengthening contacts by serving the market and putting the consumer first.

Buenos Aires (Argentina)
Barcelona (Spain)
Ferrara (Italy)
Paris (France)
Mexico D.F. (Mexico)
Medellin (Colombia)
Santiago de Chile (Chile)
Baltimore (U.S.A)
Frankfurt (Germany)


Red Alimentaria is committed to the trade and understands that the future is intrinsically linked to its technological developments. It promotes and organizes different training programmes in conjunction with organisms, institutions, universities and different bodies related to the sector.
The intention of Red Alimentaría is to collaborate with all the national and international companies on the market where it is positioned today, so as to integrate the different sectors of the trade achieving an important repercussion. We sponsor and organize:
  • Frigorífico en Acción (Cold Storage Plant in Action)
  • , a copy of a plant where new manufacturing practices are exhibited in the ExpoAmericarne fair.

  • Optimización y Valorización de la Carne Bovina - Cortes Europeos Armonizados (Best Approach to and Appraisal of Beef – Harmonized European Cuts) in Buenos Aires in 2006 and in Panama in October 2007.

  • TecnoFidta, a novel educational space for all professionals in the meat industry.

Right from the beginning we have developed a strategy of communication based on the representation of exhibitors and visitors to international fairs in the food technology sectors. We take part in the main international fairs and exhibitions as part of our commitment to all the suppliers and providers of services, diffusion, consulting, representation and setting up of marketing plans to position and relate one to the other in order to achieve real effective integration.

We have developed an online business community through which we provide services to companies as well as private individuals. Our internet service covers the needs of the meat industry thanks to:

  • Area of information:
  • We publish “Americarne en línea”, a weekly newsletter which covers the trade news as well as data and an update of the meat trade as all our magazines do. We also advertise the most important fairs in the international agri-food business.

  • Enterprise space:
  • We have developed a directory of a total of 600 enterprises in the meat industry divided in 12 key groups. Our main aim is to link up the players in the sector which is why we have devoted a particular space (Human Resources) for those searching for new work opportunities.

Americarne Magazine : A bimonthly publication (circulation: 7000) devoted to the markets in Latin America and the Caribbean. It is mailed directly and offers top level information from industry, analysis of all the chain of value, articles specializing in animal welfare and sanitation and articles on the latest technological process.
  • Magazine - SoloAves (Only Poultry): The magazine provides a space for integration in the poultry industry, integrating companies and directors in the trade, from the producers and executives through to the suppliers and service providers as well as technicians and specialists.

  • Magazine - Carne No Tradicionales (Non Traditional Meat): The consumption of exotic meats, which is rising in Latin America, represents a new business opportunity. The magazine provides companies with full and specific information.

  • Magazine - Pescados y Mariscos (Fish and Shellfish): This magazine was designed to create a space for integration in the fishing and fish farming. Its main aim is to promote these trades at international level and encourage business and training opportunities.

  • Buyer’s Guide: Premium Material which attends the most important international fairs, promoting cold storage plants, producers and technology suppliers. It is a tool for vanguard CEOs in international meat producing production.

Magazine specializing in the meat industry
Americarne , a bimonthly magazine which covers the Latin American and Caribbean market. Its distribution is mainly by mail and its technical and informative space covers:
  • Latest technological processes for meat processing

  • Analysis of all the links in the chain of values

  • Information and update of the sector

  • Articles on technological transference and scientific news

Argentina Costa Rica Paraguay
Brazil Spain Peru
Chile Mexico Uruguay
Colombia Panama Venezuela

Periodicity: Bimonthly
Format: 20 X 28cm
Paper: 90 grs
Print: Off-Set
Cover: plastic 180 grs

Cold storage 55%
Slaughter houses 15%
Supermarkets 5%
Poultry, Fish and Pigs 5%
Official organisms, Company bodies, Universities, Libraries, Research Institutes 5%
Suppliers of the Food industry 15%

Directors, Supervisors, Managers in Industry, Heads of Buying 70%
Food Engineers and Technicians 15%
Suppliers of the Food Industry 15%

Argentina 91,9%
Brazil 1,4%
Spain 4,7%
U.S.A. 0,7%
France 0,7%
Uruguay 0,7%

Machinery 17,6%
Equipment 29,7%
Cold Storage Industry and Cold Storage Equipment 12,8%
Hygiene, Control, Safety and Traceability 11,5%
Additives, Ingredients and poultry feeding 11,5%
Packaging, containers, boxes and wrapping materials 8,8%
Associations 2,7%
Software information and services 3,4%
Storage equipment 1,4%
Poultry Processing 9%
Others 5%


This is independent journalistic material which encourages business opportunities and transformations of standards of meat processing companies, the most representative group of food suppliers together with cold storage companies. The magazine is aimed at: CEOs, Professionals and Area Managers and is the best advertising option.

Publishing Director: Devora Dorensztein

SOLO AVES (Only Poultry):
Magazine specializing in the poultry industry
Solo Aves is a quarterly magazine covering the Latin American market. Its distribution is carried out by direct mail and it has both technical and informative areas covering:
  • Top Information in industry

  • Analysis of the group of the chain of values

  • Articles specializing in animal welfare and sanitation.

  • News from suppliers of technology and materials.

  • Offical information and updates on the trade

Argentina Costa Rica Paraguay
Brazil Peru Uruguay
Chile Mexico Venezuela
Colombia Panama  

Periodicity: Quarterly
Format: 20 X 28cm
Paper: 90 grs
Print: Off-Set
Cover: plastic 180 grs

Poultry processing companies 60%
Supermarkets 15%
Official organisms, Company bodies 5%
Universities, Libraries, Institutes of Research and Technology Transference 5%
Suppliers of the industry
Food 15%

Directors, Supervisors, Managers in Industry, Heads of Buying 70%
Food Engineers and Technicians 15%
Suppliers of the Food Industry 15%

Argentina 96%
Brazil 2%
Spain 2%

Machinery 14%
Equipment 48%
Meat Industry Cold Storage and Cold Storage Equipment 12%
Higiene, Control, Safety and Traceability 5%
Additives, Ingredients and Poultry feeding 7%
Poultry processing : 9%
Others : 5%


This is independent journalistic material which encourages business opportunity and changes in standards in poultry processing companies to whom it is aimed, as well as Importers and Distributors.
Topics dealt with:
  • Relation between Poultry Processors and Importers

  • Relation between Poultry Processors and regional markets

  • Poultry Processors and technology supply companies

  • Opinion - brands

  • Statistics - opportunities

  • Supply - demand

Editing Director: Devora Dorensztein (

Academic Director: Dr Hanne Stabursvik (